Our Philosophy



“Our clients depend on us to increase their income, enhance the value of their assets, and handle all the details so they don’t have to. That’s what we do, every day. We are successful because we have made our clients successful.” Michael Force, CEO of Westcal Management.


When selecting a property management company, owners often face a dilemma. Choose a large firm with vast resources? Or a small company with more responsive service?


At Westcal, you don’t have to choose. Our philosophy is simple. We manage every property as if it were our own. We treat every client the way we would like to be treated. We bring out the best in our clients’ properties and deliver a superior return on investment.


We would welcome the opportunity to learn about your property, and show you how Westcal can improve your property performance. Please give us a call at (916) 348-1188 or visit Westcal.net. We look forward to talking with you soon.





A proven track record of property performance

"Income up. Expenses down. Building looking sharp. That’s how you make a property profitable for investors," says Michael Force, CEO of Westcal Management. “A early mentor gave me that advice years ago. It’s the cornerstone of Westcal’s philosophy today.”

Westcal Management provides full-service property management for multi-family, office, retail and industrial properties as well as homeowners associations in Sacramento and the Central Valley. Over nearly three decades, Westcal has developed and refined a unique management model that delivers a superior return on investment.


"We manage our clients’ properties as if they were our own," says Force. We earn clients’ respect and trust by paying attention to details and helping them achieve their goals. That’s why we have so many long-term business relationships and word-of-mouth referrals.”


Positioning your property for maximum return on investment

When we assume the responsibility of managing your asset, we analyze current market trends to determine how best to position the property, then develop a marketing and management strategy to maximize its value. We work with you to define your goals, identify challenges and opportunities, and establish budgets and timelines. We examine the tenant profile – often an excellent opportunity for increased profitability – and recommend changes if necessary. If the property requires repair or renovation, we recommend a course of action with a budget and timeline. Once the property is working efficiently, we continue to review and refine operations. Markets never stand still – and neither do we.


An experienced team who knows your property inside and out

Westcal attracts and retains top talent. Our Regional Managers have a minimum of 10 years' property management experience – some have more than 30 – and our Financial Accounts Managers have an average of 13 years’ experience. We invest in our staff with ongoing training in best practices and legal issues, giving them the tools they need to excel and grow. They respond with outstanding performance and a high retention rate. Westcal team members stay with us an average of seven years – far more than the industry average – and some have been with the company more than 20 years.


Westcal assigns a Regional Manager and a Financial Property Accountant to each property. When you call, you’ll talk to people who know you and the details about your property. Because staff turnover is so low, Westcal clients often work with the same managers for years. "It is important that our clients develop solid working relationships with their Westcal Property Management team," says Cheryl Mattison, Westcal's President. "We want our clients to have confidence that their team has continuity  and understands each owner's specific property goals and management vision."


Financial reports customized to your specifications 

Financial reports are the key to measuring property performance. “We develop custom financial reporting for each and every one of our clients,”. “If you want a specific report, chart of accounts, or a level of detail, we create it.” Clients have access to current and historical reports 24/7/365 via access to dropbox. Anywhere, anytime access gives you the freedom to monitor the health of your investment while you pursue your other interests.


Beyond property management – asset management: your partner for the long term

Westcal has extensive experience in development, construction, finance and real estate law. In addition to managing existing assets, we counsel clients on decisions such as where, when and what to buy, when to sell, how to position a property for sale, and more. We can guide you in the purchase of a property and assist in re-positioning or renovation to increase performance and value. Think of us as your personal industry expert – “on call” when you have questions or want to explore an opportunity.

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