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Vice President and Regional Property Manager

Aleksandr Chebotar

Alex is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the multifamily property management industry. His strong work ethic and dedication to saving money while maintaining assets professionally have earned him a great deal of respect from his clients. He understands the importance of paying attention to even the smallest details when it comes to managing properties and believes that building trust with clients is essential for ensuring the security and profitability of their investments.

With over 15 years of multifamily experience, Alex has effectively handled property management duties for a diverse range of clients. He has been involved in acquisitions and has overseen remodeling projects ranging from $5,000 to over 1.5 million dollars. This extensive experience has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the industry and the various challenges and opportunities it presents.

Alex's journey at Westcal has been marked by growth and success. Over the past 10 years, he has held multiple roles within the company, showcasing his versatility and expertise. Starting as a Property Manager, he quickly advanced through the ranks, taking on responsibilities as a Maintenance Manager, Senior Manager of multiple sites, and Regional Manager. In each of these positions, he has excelled, demonstrating his ability to effectively manage teams, properties, and projects.

Currently serving as the Vice President of Westcal, Alex plays a crucial role in assisting with corporate projects and decisions. He brings his extensive experience and insights to the table, contributing to the overall strategic direction of the company. Additionally, he serves as a mentor to junior Regional Managers and Site Property Managers within Westcal Management, sharing his knowledge and helping them develop their skills. Alex is also responsible for managing various aspects of corporate contracts, ensuring that the company operates efficiently and effectively.

To support his professional expertise, Alex holds a California Brokers License, a Contractor's License, and a Certified CCRM (Certified California Residential Manager) designation, which signifies his expertise in residential property management in California.