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Regional Manager

Regina Smith-Brown

Regina Smith-Brown is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. She embarked on her journey with Westcal Management over 15 years ago and has since demonstrated remarkable growth within the organization. Throughout her career, Regina has assumed diverse roles, showcasing her versatility and expertise. From her early days as a Property Manager to her current position as a Regional Manager, Regina has consistently excelled in her responsibilities, earning respect and admiration from colleagues and clients alike.

In addition to her extensive experience, Regina holds a real estate license in California, further enhancing her credibility and expertise in the field. Regina's portfolio stems from the Davis, Woodland, and Sacramento areas, where her deep understanding of the local real estate landscape has contributed to her success.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Regina values her downtime, cherishing moments spent with her grandsons and embarking on new adventures with her husband.

Regina's dedication, leadership, and passion for both her work and personal life serve as a testament to her character and commitment to excellence. She continues to inspire those around her, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and the lives she touches.