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Regional Manager

Chloe Wilkinson

Chloe Wilkinson is an accomplished Regional Manager who takes immense pride in fostering strong professional relationships with clients, team members, and residents. Her approach is grounded in trust, respect, and a commitment to open communication. With a passion for cultivating a family-like culture, Chloe believes that the heart of Westcal lies in the bonds she has formed with those around her.

Having been an integral part of the Westcal Management team for over a decade, Chloe's journey has been one of constant growth and evolution. Throughout her tenure, she has held various roles, including Multi-Site Property Manager, Senior Manager, Adjustor, and Storage Facility Manager, among others. This diverse experience has given her a comprehensive understanding of the industry, contributing to her effectiveness as a leader.

While advancing her career, Chloe pursued higher education and demonstrated exceptional dedication, earning both her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Business Administration with a perfect 4.0 GPA. During this time, she also obtained her California Real Estate License under the support of Westcal. This integration of education and work allowed her to develop into the strong, knowledgeable leader she is today.

Originally hailing from the South-Eastern part of the United States, Chloe carries her southern roots and values with her every day. Outside of work, she enjoys various hobbies, such as baking and cooking southern soul food to share with others, spending time with her dachshunds, indulging in painting and crafting, riding four-wheelers, and relishing in nature and beach activities. Chloe's infectious laughter and positive outlook on life reflect her belief in the importance of spreading joy and smiles wherever she goes.

Chloe's dedication to learning and personal growth extends beyond her formal education, as evidenced by her continuous pursuit of new knowledge and professional development. She is a Certified Professional in Conducting Effective Property Inspections through the CA Apartment Association, further enhancing her expertise in her field.

As an exceptional leader, accomplished professional, and a person deeply rooted in family values, Chloe Wilkinson continues to be an asset to Westcal Management and an inspiration to her colleagues and team members.